Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why HELLO there!

Hi. (achew!) It sure is dusty here on my blog. I know I haven't been here for many moons but I'm back and  blogsessed once again. I got caught up on my growing toddler & 5-year-old, my new premium channels and an app on my phone called Instagram (along with Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends). What's the iPhone version of crackberry? I got my iphone at around the time of my last post, coincidence? Probably not.

I wanted to assure my 6 followers, HI LADIES!, that this blog did not enter the deep, dark world of forever lost blogs. I also wanted to welcome any curious bystanders to my work and my very active blog (from today on). Speaking of active, I wanted to share a LO that I made for a challenge for The Paper Variety.*

*Ok yeah, I made the LO and went to their blog 2 hours too late. Doh! But anywho, I had so much fun creating it and I love how it turned out. The challenge was to include any forest animals into your piece. Can you spot the ones I put in?

This is my show & tell for today. I can't wait to catch up with my faves and find my next challenge. It feels good to be back and I kind of want to end this post with an "I love you". A bit much though, right? You're right. You're right.

I like you...bye for now.